5 favorite graphic novels

1. The Acme Novelty Library number 19 by Chris Ware

This is my favorite graphic novel of all time. It's about colonizing Mars, here's a look at what it's like...

Not what you expected Mars to look like, that's why it's amazing, I've read this so many times, and every time find something new. As Tina Turner would say, it's simply the best.

2. Mr. Wonderful by Daniel Clowes 

A hilarious story of a blind date for a washed up middle aged man. So good.

3. Clyde Fans Book One by Seth

It's hard to pick any of Seth's books as my favorite so I'll just start with one of his first. They are all so charming and soothing. Everytime a new book comes out it is my favorite of his, his series Palookaville is great.

 4. Paul Moves Out by Michel Rabagliati

Again this whole series is great, this is the first, I originally bought it simply because it was about Paul. And luckily I loved it. Each book is about a different phase of life, from looking back in Paul joins the scouts, to looking forward when the author has kids of his own in Paul goes fishing. Apparently I love Canadian cartoonists.

5. Pyongyang by Guy Delisle

So this guys wife works for Doctor's Without Borders. So when she gets assigned he goes with her and writes graphic novels about the experience. Oh, and they have little kids which he is in charge of in these 3rd world countries, like North Korea. They also go to Burma, China, Israel and he also has a book about bad parenting that is spot on.

American Heritage Collection

Chief Two Moons, US Navy Diving Helmet and Americana (from American Revolutionary War Propaganda)

5 Favorite Docs...

Sometimes you need a break from fiction. Enter the Documentary. These are my top 5.

1. Dave Chappelle's Block Party. This is my all time favorite Doc, so funny and so heartwarming, and I'm not even into R&B! I think when I first saw this I had no idea what to expect, and it just blew me away.

2. The September Issue. Again, the world of High Fashion is something I honestly have no interest in, that was until I saw this Doc. Very educational, very interesting, and very entertaining.

3. Hoop Dreams. I think everyone has heard of this Doc by now, if you haven't seen it yet, it's time. An amazing real life story of heartbreak and the American Dream.

4. Rivers and Tides. This is the only Doc on the list that I own, and I've watched it countless times. Andy Goldsworthy is a nature artist, creating vibrant natural sculptures that are eventually destroyed by rain, wind, waves and rivers, it's amazing. Very freeing to me as an artist to see someone create something and then just have it be gone. So you just start again. Someday I'll go to Scotland and find one of his sculptures.

5. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. This one is so weird and so awesome. Two guys duking it out to be considered the best Donkey Kong player of all time. One already has the notoriety, the other is going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. So good.


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