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Client List- Facebook, Target, Camelbak, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out New York, Men's Health, ESPN the Magazine (contact me for the rest at

Creating something out of nothing. That’s what I’ve always loved to do. Ever since I was a kid. Paulville is born out of this notion. Making a product from beginning to end. Idea, sketch, ink, scan, design, transparency, burn image, screen print, package, ship. That’s my process and I alone do every step. Ending with an actual product is very satisfying, until I get my next idea and need to do it again.

Drawing in pen and ink has become my medium of choice, and this method transfers beautifully to screen printing and t-shirt design. The subject matter I choose to draw is simply a reflection of my personal taste. I think the common thread is nostalgia, whether it be retro toys, vintage arcade games, music or Americana.  

I was born in the mountains of Southern California, so the laid back lifestyle is a part of me and it comes through in my illustrations. Nothing is perfect, you just put your pen to the page and go for it. This results in a clunky line that meanders and flows like water, finding the route along the path of hills and plains. 

Now I live in Austin, Texas. A city known for it’s maker mentality, it seems to be the perfect place for the Paulville brand. Austin thrives on the independent craftsman, food trailers, internet startups, live music, all these things are celebrated and appreciated by the people who live here. I’m also a full time dad, with two small kids and a wife who also has a full time career. Balancing all this is definitely challenging and rewarding.

The Paulville line continues to grow, products have been shipped all over the United States as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Belguim, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, China and Japan.

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