The Giant Metal P

Here's a bunch of junk that's laying around my desk. Some old artwork, some new, a patch, a couple stamps, ...


1. Custom Paulville Skateboard 2. PVG Camo hat 3. Camouflage cargo pants from Lucky Brand 4. Flannel Shirt by Lu...

Otter Wax makes a Waxed Canvas Hat...

Experimenting with this bar of Otter Wax. It's pretty cool. Just rub it onto any cotton canvas and it makes it waxed ...

Motorcycle Patch

New patch for hats, beanies, book bag and sweatshirts!

Summer Essentials

Summer is well under way, here's some of my favorite things to keep summer cool.1. My grandpa's old Cine Perfex Super...

Bears any strain patch

New patch, getting ready to make some more hats and such

PVG hats have arrived!

The first batch of caps are up on the online shop...

PVG patches are here

First batch of patches are up! Soon to be on hats, bags and other stuff...

PVG like STP

I've been working on some patches for new products like hats, collared shirts and bags. It seems like a lot of my tee...
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