American Heritage Collection

Chief Two Moons, US Navy Diving Helmet and Americana (from American Revolutionary War Propaganda)

The Giant Metal P

Here's a bunch of junk that's laying around my desk. Some old artwork, some new, a patch, a couple stamps, a book of matches, a tiny tape measure, my pocket knife, keys which I'm not sure exactly what they open but I'm not willing to throw them away because when I do throw them away I'll definitely need them, a ruler, pen, pencils, sticker, wallet, old camera, a tee,  a couple bottles and some sketchbooks.


1. Custom Paulville Skateboard

2. PVG Camo hat

3. Camouflage cargo pants from Lucky Brand

4. Flannel Shirt by Lucky Brand

5. Paulville Retro Robots Tee

6. Field Notes

7. Motorcycle Patches

8. Canon SLR camera

9. Quiksilver overnight bag

10. Rucksack with Bears Any Strain patch

11. Sanuk flip flops

Otter Wax makes a Waxed Canvas Hat...

Experimenting with this bar of Otter Wax. It's pretty cool. Just rub it onto any cotton canvas and it makes it waxed canvas, which means it's totally waterproof and also has a look more similar to leather. I had an old hat that is broken in just right. It's worn out, has a couple holes, the color is bleeding and it's on its last legs. Until Otter Wax came to town. I coated the whole thing with it and sewed on one of my motorcycle patches. It's like a brand new hat and it's perfectly worn in.

Check out Otter Wax here.