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Top 5 Man Blogs

It's easy to get in a rut, online browsing is no different. Looking for entertainment, gear, news or just a good laug...

Chevy Truck

Drawing I did of an old Chevy truck, would love to load this up with a couple long boards and head to the coast.  

Hook & Irons Collab

  I did a collaboration with one of my favorite independent t-shirts brands. It's America's favorite fire apparel br...

Logo ideas...

I'm circling around a logo for Paulville, here's the latest sketch, I've got 2 more in different hand drawn fonts, re...

Surf Truck

Lazy Sunday drawing of rad surf truck. If you don't follow @chrisburkard on instagram you should, he's an amazing n...

The Giant Metal P

Here's a bunch of junk that's laying around my desk. Some old artwork, some new, a patch, a couple stamps, ...

32 Guitars

Finally finished this drawing of 32 guitars. Up next, make the screen and print the tee.
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