mens style


Black is the new black at 2 of my favorite online menswear shops, Ugmonk and Huckberry. So I guess I'll give it a sho...

Cafe Racer, which color?

Having a hard time choosing a color tee to print this cafe racer on, narrowed it down to two. Leave a comment and let...

Summer Essentials

Summer is well under way, here's some of my favorite things to keep summer cool.1. My grandpa's old Cine Perfex Super...

Paulville Mission Statement

Illustrations that connect to your history. Whether it’s the banana seat bike you trolled the hood in, the motorcycle...

Bears any strain patch

New patch, getting ready to make some more hats and such

I am Tiger, hear me roar

Tiger drawing inspired by Japanese tattoos, another tee coming soon....

Buffalo Drawing...

Finally doing some new drawings for some new tees.

PVG hats have arrived!

The first batch of caps are up on the online shop...

PVG patches are here

First batch of patches are up! Soon to be on hats, bags and other stuff...
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