5 favorite Teen Angst Movies (from the 80s)

Watched Pretty in Pink the other day, made me think about my favorite teen angst/coming of age movies from the time when I was a teenager, here's my list...


1. Better Off Dead. This movie is weird, but wonderful. The strange animations, John Cusak as a downhill skier, and does anyone have foreign exchange students anymore? "I want my 2 dollars!"

2. Breakfast Club. This is probably the greatest teen angst movie of all time, all the stereotypes of High School stuck in detention together and forced to get along. It's funny, dark, and has Molly Ringwald at the peak of her fame. "Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club."

3. Say Anything. Molly Ringwald ruled the 80s, but what about Johnny C. in Sixteen Candles... In this flick nothing will stop Lloyd from being with Diane Court. I love that in the whole movie she's Diane Court. Not just Diane, but Diane Court. Anyway, it's pretty great. "Diane Court, she's a brain, trapped inside the body of a Game Show Host."

4. Lucas. And then there's falling in love with the girl that actually is unattainable. Poor Lucas...At least he gets Winona Ryder in the end... "Hey, I'm a party animal."

5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. All right, I changed my mind, this is the greatest teen angst movie of all time, because Ferris Bueller is the opposite of angst, he's got it all figured out, and everybody wants to be him, still do. "It is his fault he didn't lock the garage."

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