5 favorite restaurants in Austin, TX

If you live in Austin or come to visit and are looking for some grub, this is where it's at...

1. Moonshine. My favorite place to eat out. Downtown, cool furnishings, try the Turkey Press, best turkey sandwich you'll ever have.


2. Taco Deli. Best tacos in town. Take a dart, throw it at the menu, and that taco will be awesome. My favorite is the Tacoloco, basically a Brisket Taco. Mmmmm.

3. Lambert's. Speaking of Brisket, looking for some upscale BBQ, this is it. Natural Black Angus Brisket with brown sugar and coffee rub. Yes please.


4. Contigo. It doesn't get more Austin than this. Eastside (with parking) outdoor, warm and inviting atmosphere. Get the Grilled Cheese made with Cheddar on home made Brioche. Add some Fried Green Tomatoes and you're gold.


5. Black Star Co-op. A cool little brewery with some great food. If you have the meat sweats from too much BBQ, try the Tempeh Reuben, soy products never tasted so good when they're surrounded by gruyere and kraut.

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