5 favorite albums to take on a deserted island...

Classic question, if you were deserted on a desert island and could only take 5 albums to listen to what would they be. Here's mine in no particular order...


1. About A Boy by Badly Drawn Boy. The soundtrack to the movie kicked off a couple of years of listening to pretty much only Badly Drawn Boy. The soundtrack is my favorite album though and I still pop it in once in a while. Side note, the Movie and the Book would also make my list of top 5 movies and books to bring to a desert island.

2. Guero by Beck. I like every single song on this album. Beck to me is like Prince, he plays all the instruments, changes genres, and I just looked up the album and never realized that The Beastie Boys and Jack White helped write some of the songs.

3. For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver. This album never gets old, there's nothing like it out there, so much emotion, bare bones unique. 

4. Pretty in Pink Soundtrack. Okay, this is kind of cheating but who cares. It's like a best of Alternative 80s album. Psychedelic Furs, OMD, Joe Jackson, INXS, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, all it needs is the Cure and Depeche Mode and it would be the perfect album.


5. Up Front & Down Low by Teddy Thompson. This is a cover album of some classic country songs, the oldies that are definitely the goodies. And Teddy Thompson is British and lives in New York City, it shouldn't work, but it really does.

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